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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mar 21, Singapore F1 2011 - Secure the best seats, hotels and flights.

23-25 September 2011. Remember these dates for Singapore F1 2011.
Then secure the best seats, hotel rooms and airfares
Pit BuildingStart and finish of the race. Some seats offer views of garage and podium. Turn 1 Cars jostling to get ahead; braking from 290km/h. Turn 2Views of first 3 turns in circuit. Rapid changes in speeds. RepublicRapid changes in speeds. Cars rev up for the street section of circuit. StamfordCars negotiate multiple turns, requiring skillful, rapid braking. PadangGreat views against heritage buildings. Near main entertainment stage. Connaught Clear views of Turn 14, where cars have a chance to overtake each other. Esplanade Multiple turns with hard braking. Near the outdoor performances at Esplanade. BayGreat views of the cars against the city skyline. Cars exit below the stands.
* Early Bird Prices valid till 8 May 2011.
Also available are:
the less expensive Walkabout and Premier Walkabout tickets.wheel-chair accessible tickets.
Here for more information and to get your Singapore F1 tickets online.

During the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix (23-25 Sep 2011), you'll expect hotel
rates to go up.
This is especially so for those hotels near the Singapore F1 circuit. But these
hotels do offer a clear advantage - they are only a short walk to your F1 seats
the fringe entertainment venues.
Here are the best-rated hotels near the Singapore F1 circuit, classified as
5-star, 4-star and budget:

These luxury hotels offer F1 fans great convenience - they are closest to the best
and most expensive F1 seats
More about these 5-star hotels at Singapore Marina Bay.
These 4-star hotels provides fairly luxurious comfort, at lower costs than the
Marina Bay luxury hotels. They are especially close to the seats at Padang and
Connaught Grandstands
More about these 4-star hotels in Singapore city.
If you plan on keeping your costs in check, these budget hotels are within
walking distance of the Singapore F1 circuit
and offer decent value.
More about these budget hotels in Singapore city.
Whether you plan on booking a full-service airline or a budget flight to Singapore,
the options are quite bewildering. Here are some tips and a great comparison tool
to help you secure a good, cheap flight to Singapore.

Save time and money with a F1 ticket/hotel/airport-transfer deal. Check out this All-in-One Singapore F1 Package. If you are in the mood to splurge and absolutely pamper yourself
during the Singapore Grand Prix, your money will be well spent on a couple
of ultra-luxurious heritage hotels:
Both are walk-able to the F1 circuit.
If you are on a tight budget, consider staying in one of the budget hotels
outside the CBD.
The budget hotels in Singapore Little India provide good value and are only
2 MRT stations to the Singapore F1 area.
Farther out, there are a few decently cheap hotels on Balestier Road. It's
a longer bus journey to the F1 area, but you may be surprised by the
facilities at these hotels.
The F1 races take place only from 8pm to about 10pm each night. What are
you going to do beyond those hours?
The areas around the Grand Prix circuit are full of history and worth exploring.
You could easily spend a day visiting the museums and entertainment spots
around the Singapore River. Nearby, the party is expected to go into overdrive
at Clarke Quay.
For something quite different from F1, consider taking a Singapore farm tour. And here are more Singapore tour ideas.
Page author: Gabriel Tan. All rights reserved.
Page updated: 21 March 2011.
Page created: 4 April 2010.

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